(started 2010...)

Most of these young ladies began their volleyball careers playing with Sequoia Crush at the 12 & 14 Under Divisions, so we're not surprised to see that they all made their High School Varsity Teams this 2014 Season as FRESHMAN!  
Congratulations Ladies, Awesome Job!  

*Special THANK YOU to "Prof. Lian Lu" our Club Technical Advisor and all of our Coaching Staff who work so hard to teach the international skills of volleyball...We LOVE you guys!

2015 Volleyball Players
Erin Bishop (Setter) Kingsburg
Jordan Castaneda (Setter) Farmersville

2014 Volleyball Players:
Christa Pilgrim (OH) Mission Oak
Madelyn Sweepe-(MB) Exeter
Skylar Stewart-(MB) Exeter

2013 Volleyball Players:
Bailee Borges (SETTER) Hanford
Brenna Champlin-(OH) Hanford
Olivia Harden-(MB) Exeter
Saranne Hurlbut (OH)-Hanford

2012 Volleyball Players
Ashton Peckinpah (OPP) Redwood
Bailey Leal (DS)-Tulare Western
Isabella Luna (OH)-Mt. Whitney
Sara Vanderpoel (OH)-CVC

2011 Volleyball Players
Chandler McKean (MB)-Redwood
Jazmine Gilcrest (MB)-Redwood
Krysta Bernasconi (SETTER)-Mt. Whitney
Rebekah Cervantes (OH)-Redwood

2010 Volleyball Players:
Ali Sassman (OPP)-Tulare Western
Ashley Cervantes (OH)-Redwood
Jesika Tyler (SETTER)-Mt. Whitney
Julia Schott (MB)-Tulare Western
Khloe Ferreira (OH)-Tulare Western
Lauren Torres (MB)-El Diamante
Sky Griffin (SETTER)-CVC
Taylor Van Den Berg (MB)-CVC

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