Coaching Staff:
High Quality Coaching
Fun, Positive & Motivating Instruction
Over 100+ years of Combined Coaching Experience 
Dedicated & Well Respected Instructors

Club Director: Suzie-Q Silva 
18's-(Navy) League Team-Patrick Buyayo
17's (Navy) League Team-Kaylee Taylor

16's-(Navy) League Team-​​Sydney Guinn
16's-(Orange) League Team-Yong Choi or Patrick Buyayo
16's-(White) League Team-TBA if needed?

14's-(Navy) League Team-Kim/Kena Tyler
14's-(Orange) League Team-Patrick Buyayo or Yong Choi
14's-(White) League Team-Kaylee Taylor
14's-(Yellow) League Team-TBA if needed?

12's-(Navy) League Team-Sydney Guinn

Coaching Staff: Kaylee Taylor, Patrick Buyayo, Sydney Guinn, Susan Cordova, Sarah Dresp, Kim Tyler and Kena Tyler 

Advanced Training Experts: Coach Silva, 

Technical Training Experts: Coach Silva, Suzie-Q Silva, Sarah Dresp and Madison Gonzalez


Club Directors
Rook & Suzie Silva have been the Club Directors of Sequoia Crush since its inception in 2000.  They've been Coaching Girls and Boys Volleyball for over 32 years in addition to Coaching at the High School and College Level.  Rook and Suzie are highly sought after Private Volleyball Instructors and LOVE to share their passion and knowledge of the game. They have produced many Premier League and Regional Championship Teams and have been a Vital Part of helping to Assist in many young athletes dreams of playing College Volleyball. For the past 18 years, they have continued to study and learn from their Dear Friend, "Professor Lian Lu" from China. During the summer, they hold Coaches Clinics, Private Volleyball Lessons, Volleyball Camps and Assist in Coaching at Prof. Lian Lu's International Volleyball Camps. As heads of Sequoia Crush, they will oversee all coaches and players.  They will also be the Lead Technical Advisors for all Volleyball Skill Development and The Technical Training Program, which will be available for players wanting to take their Skills, Athletics and Knowledge of the Game to Another Level. Rook & Suzie Coach with a True Positive Spirit, Motivating Passion, and Believe that with Faith in "GOD"-"All Things are Possible"!

Club Coaches

Devon Siefren: TBA

Kaylee Taylor:
Kaylee loves Coaching Volleyball because she loves the game! Kaylee enjoys seeing the confidence built in the girls as they learn to love the game as well! Kaylee also loves the friendships formed during the season! Kaylee played 4 years High School Volleyball and 1 Year College Volleyball for Scottsdale Community College. She is currently the Tulare Western Varsity Coach and has Coached there the past year. Kayle has also Coached the Varsity La Joya Team for 5 years. This is Kaylee's sixth year Coaching with Sequoia Crush and we are Very Happy to have her as part of our Program. We know Kaylee will do a Fantastic Job and look forward to another Successful Season!

Kena Tyler:
Kena loves Coaching Volleyball because it gives her a new perspective on the game. She is able to teach girls life skills while growing their love and knowledge for the game. Kena has Coached at Crush for 5 years, Coached 1 year in Pheonix Arizona, played all through High School at Mt Whitney where she earned First Team All League, All American and All League MVP! Kena played Crush for 7 years and  presently Coaches for Mt. Whitney High School.  We are excited to see Kena thriving and enjoy watching Kena share her Knowledge, Passion and Love of the Game! 

Kim Tyler:
Kim loves Coaching Volleyball because she loves watching kids grow! Kim says "Volleyball is one of those sports that just gets in your blood!" Kim is a firm believer that as a Coach she has the AWESOME opportunity to not only teach kids the technical part of the game; but also life skills such as how to work together and continuously strive to better yourself and your team on and off the court. Most importantly How to Pursue Victory With Honor! Kim has had the privilege of playing in High School and then she took to the sand and competed in beach volleyball in San Diego during College. Kim has been Coaching all levels from Rec League to High School to Club ever since. Kim is presently the Varsity Coach at Sundale! We are very grateful to have Kim as part of our Coaching Staff as she continues to do an Excellent Job! 

Kristin Villanueva:
Kristin loves the Game of Volleyball! She loves seeing the girls grow and seeing them feel proud of their accomplishments. Kristin has played 9 years of Club Volleyball and was a 4-year Varsity Player for Mt. Whitney High School as a Setter. Kristin has trained under Prof. Lian Lu for many years, Coached as the  Redwood Freshman Coach for 2 years, Club for 9 years and is presently in her 7th season as the Frosh Coach for El Diamante who finished and won WYL for the 3rd time this season. Kristin has a bright future in Coaching and we are very proud to have Kristin (our daughter) as part of our Coaching Staff!

Patrick Buyayo: TBA

Sarah Dresp: TBA

Susan Cordova

Sydney Guinn:
Sydney loves Coaching Volleyball! She loves having the ability to teach girls and impact their lives in a positive way. She has had the opportunity to learn and become a better player from many different Coaches and is excited to teach young girls how to play! Sydney is a past Crush Alumni and has been playing Volleyball since she was 8 years old. She played Club Volleyball for 6 years and is currently playing College Volleyball at COS. She has Coached Summer Camps in the past as well done Private Setting Lessons. Sydney has an Excellent Attitude and Loves the Game! We look forward to her sharing her Passion and are Excited to have her as part of our Program!

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